Energy Use and How to Make a Green, Energy-Efficient Home

Wise Electricity Use May Contribute To A Greener Planet

We are all concerned about conserving natural resources and learning how to save electricity at home by reducing our electricity usage to help save the environment. There are a couple of household appliances and electric units that contribute to the excessive use of electricity. The geyser is one main appliance using the most electricity. Heating and cooling systems also use quite a bit of electricity. What follows are electronic equipment left on standby. Then our stoves and lights. Fridges and freezers use less than the abovementioned appliances.


Ideas On How To Save Electricity At Home

Now we have to think of ways on how to save electricity at home. One way is to use a geyser blanket to help insulate the geyser to prevent the heat from escaping too soon. Using a gas heater instead of an electric one will also be a way on how to save money on electric bill. Next we can use compact fluorescent lamps instead of standard ones. The compact lamps last 8 times longer than the conventional ones.

When cooking, boil the water in your kettle instead of putting the stove to work. Also, you can learn how to save electricity at home by using a toaster and not the grill when making toast. Close the fridge soon after opening it as it will use a lot of electricity to cool the air again once the cold air has escaped, should you leave it open for too long. Another way on how to save electricity at home is by drying your washing outside on a good day instead of using the tumble drier.


More Ways of How To Save On Energy Bills

There are more innovative ways on how to save electricity at home. When making tea of coffee for only one to two people, it will save electricity by only using enough water for two cups instead of filling the kettle.

Another way on how to save on electric bill is to switch off the standby electronic devices such as DVD players and TVs that gets operated by remotes such as battery and phone chargers, microwaves and computers. It might seem insignificant, but if all these standby devices are switched off, it will go a long way on how to save money on the electric bill at home.


How To Save Even More On Your Electric Bill

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