What do you need 714 pounds of every year? Read This!

light bulb cost per kwhHow Much Does Electricity Cost? Ever wonder how much electricity it takes to keep a single light bulb running for the year? To get the full briefing on how to calculate electricity visit: http://www.electricsaver1200.com/bills/  It takes 714 pounds of coal to power a single light bulb for a year.

Average KWH Cost

How much does it cost the American consumer to run a single light bulb year round? It varies, depending on where you live, but it’s not more than a few bucks. And yet, potentially, 700 pounds of coal — which must be mined, transported, and burned, and which generate hazardous byproducts that US tax dollars go towards clean up — went into bringing you that power.

What is a Kilowatt Hour?

A kilowatt hour is a unit of measurement based on how many watts you used in a timeframe.  But if you are looking to figure out how much your electricity bill is going to be? There are other factors that your power company adds to the mix.  This includes charging you “extra” because everyone wants energy during the same timeframe also known as “demand charges”.  You can forego these extra charges by contacting your power provider and finding out what times are peak times and then plan your usage outside that timeframe… or severely limit it as much as possible.

Power Company Hates This Guy Find Out Why

Tiered Energy Pricing

And just for fun, some power companies like to bill you in tiered pricing plans (similar to cell phone usage).  Don’t go over your limit or you will pay dearly when your bill comes in.  This is very common practice in California as if the prices weren’t high enough already!


Go Green this Earth Day 2015!

So what is the answer?  Right now, until more options are available for energy, make your home or business as energy efficient as possible by following all our energy saving tips in this blog 😉


But more importantly find ways to use more renewable/sustainable energy sources.  Nature combined with new developments have the ability to help us create sustainable energy.  If all of us take action, and demanded these sources from our power providers, we can make a difference! Just think of how many jobs would be available & how that would help our economy and the American people if the power companies had to do away with their old grids and build fresh sustainable energy grids.


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