Lighting The Way

The world of lighting has changed dramatically over the last decade, and it’s not done changing yet. With the advent of blue LED (which won the Nobel), LED is more versatile and cost efficient than ever, and it’s changing the face of lighting as we know it.
Part of the reason lighting has changed so much is because of the push for sustainability. Regulations and codes have evolved such that inefficient lighting is more or less outlawed, and the industry has responded by developing the kinds of lighting needed to of the job both sustainably and well.
We’ve talked about LED before, but the amount it impacts lighting cannot be overlooked. It’s efficient, it lasts for a long, long time, and now it’s affordable to pretty much everyone. In a way, the future is now. Now that we’ve discovered this cheap, efficient, long-lasting source, however, we’ve already begun moving to the next “future of lighting” with automation and health lighting. Automation is catching on now, but health lighting is in the pipeline- basically studies are showing how lighting has an incredible impact on one’s health- both physical and mental.
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