KVAR Electric Saver: Top Tips On How To Improve Energy Efficiency

KVAR Electric SaverIn today’s economies where global financial crises has put individuals in hard financial times, every dollar you spend needs to go towards a worth course. Moreover, you have to put more effort and earn some income. But did you know you could save a lot of dollars by improving your home energy efficiency? Well, if you are aware congratulations! If you are not, don’t worry. In this article, I will teach you easy tips through which you can save money by improving your home’s energy efficiency. I will also teach you one great way you can save up to 25% on your energy bill by using KVAR electric saver.


Well, your fridge works all day and night and it’s great because it keeps your food fresh. But have you ever looked at the dial which is normally in the inside that regulates how cold it keeps your food? You don’t always need to turn the dial all the way up: Not unless the food you are preserving requires so. Always ensure your fridge is tune to the most optimal temperature. Moreover, during the winter, you can keep the fridge off most of the time and make more saving. I believe you want to be a friend of Mother Nature. This will get you started on this path.

Replace Your BulbLights

Another great tip that will help you save a lot of money is replacing your current light bulbs with lower current bulbs which need less energy to operate. In particular, I strongly recommend you change all the bulbs that you keep running for more than 3 hours at a time such as patio lights, garden lights, front door light among others. This will be a great tip to save on energy.

You may switch to CFL light bulbs which normally do not waste power by converting it into heat energy.



Your geyser uses huge amount of power to heat up your water. Sadly, it does not have a holiday button like your fridge: But I believe it should be fitted with one. The tip to save energy on your geyser is to turn it off from your main power board whenever you are going away for more than a day. Believe me. When I first did this and went away for 2 weeks, I reduced my electricity bill by 15%. It’s a great way to save on the hard earned dollars.

Another tip to save money on the geyser is to use the shower that is nearest to your geyser as much as possible. This is because there will be less loss of heat energy as water will flow for a short distance to your shower. Moreover, less water will sit in the pipes further reducing energy loss through conduction. Avoid using taps that are far away from the geyser. This way, you will save more dollars.

Save on all your electrical appliances by using Electric Saver 1200.

KVAR electric saver is a gadget that is designed to help you save more that 25% on your energy bill. Moreover, it’s engineered to extend the life of all your electrical motors and appliances and to protect your business and residential property in case of power spikes and surges. Get one fitted in your home today and save up to 25% on your power bill today. It’s a modern way to save on money and to be environment friendly at the same time.

Start Saving Money on your Electricity Bill in a matter of days! Enjoy that extra $20, 30,possibly even $50 EVERY month and spend it on something you love!

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