The Hungriest Appliances

The most energy hungry appliances in your house are the two that get turned off the least. While many of us know that the refrigerator/ freezer is number one, as it is constantly sucking up energy to keep your food cold and is rarely is ever unplugged. That’s why it is so important to get an energy rated fridge- but did you know the second most energy hungry is your television!
The average American family’s televisions are getting bigger, and that actually makes quite difference when it comes to energy. Even if you turn off the TV when not in use, the TV is one of those appliances that keeps itself in power save mode, which means it is still consuming energy when off. And this is true of almost all of your entertainment products, Blu-Ray players, video game systems, and so forth all drain power. One great way to take care of this is to keep all of your electronics with power save mode plugged into a power strip with a switch. Turning it off at night or when at work can save you a bundle. Check out more about in this article: Two Energy Hungry Appliances.

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