Do you have 1 of these bad boys in your home? They can suck the life out of you.

Do you have an energy waster in your home or business? People who just don’t understand the cost of things.  They regularly leave the lights on, stand in front of the refrigerator, or wash only 1 or 2 things in the washing machine/dryer?  You are not alone. We get it.

Energy prices are at a high. Although incomes are not correspondingly high, motivating these types of people, in the matter of saving energy, proves difficult.  Especially those who do not understand or consider the meager savings worthwhile.  Read on for an easy way to fight back.  You will see MORE than just meager results…


light bulb cost per kwhIt is now time to revolutionize past attitudes and seeming indifference to energy waste.  Energy waste (and other resources) are rampant in our society today. It’s time to motivate energy wasters to save energy in their own interests, in their community’s interests and for the planet. The impression that “every dollar saved counts”, is a service to the world in terms of environmental improvement and is a service to the society to promote a better class of living. Another strong incentive would be to give them the liberty of spending some of the dollars saved for the cause that they choose or for newly created ideas that promote social good. This is a win/win.


Take, for instance, the energy waste that affects every one of our households. Several factors contribute to this waste. Imagine the amount of savings you could affect by being prudent at home.

Simple things like:

  • Use a power strip fully to cut off power to all electrical appliances, which are consuming current by simply being in the standby option.
  • Sensible use of the heaters and the air conditioners by connecting a digital thermostat and setting the temperature to the best operating levels (depending upon the season) will pay rich dividends and considerably cut your energy bills. 
  • Only using the dishwasher or clothes washer when you have a full load to do.


The federal government’s initiative of the energy star seal to help consumers select energy efficient appliances is a great step towards energy saving and cash accrual. Consider the clothes dryer in your house. If its model is pre, 2000, get rid of it. It is literally costing you more money to operate than it should.  Buy the latest equivalent model with the energy star seal. You could, in all probability, make an estimated annual saving of $135 which would easily pay for itself in the next couple years.


If you apply the same principle to all the appliances/equipment in your home, do you think that the resulting energy savings would translate into thousands of dollars of cash every year? What can you and your family do with an extra 5 thousand dollars?

Whole Home Surge Protectors Keep Your Home SafeIn 5 years time, if you take action now, how much money will you have saved from energy savings? 2 thousand, 5 thousand, 10 thousand?  With rising energy rates, that number can easily be much higher than you think. Fight back against rising rates by getting an Electric Saver 1200 installed on your home and your business.  It’s results are guaranteed.  Because your family deserves the best future possible.

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