How Power Factor Correction Equipment help you

cartoon-dollar-bulbIf you are looking for something to enhance motor efficiency, then the right choice to start with is Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment. Power Factor Correction is a critical factor to increase the efficiency especially when the action is to be achieved at the motor controller side. Power Factor of an electrical system is defined as the ratio of real power available to the apparent power in the system. Basically, Power Factor informs us about the efficiency of the electrical system – higher the Power Factor (it is always between 0 and 1) higher the efficiency. A low Power Factor would mean that the electrical system is consuming much more power than what is required for its working. Low power factors are generally created when the current used to build a magnetic field gives the required work. Inefficiencies arise due to non linearity of the load. This results in system losses which in turn result in an increased electricity bill. Loads with a low Power Factor (such as induction motors) can be rectified with a network of inductors or capacitors. Non linearity of the load can be corrected by using capacitor banks. These capacitor banks can be used in 3-phase applications and it distributes load equally between these phases resulting in reduction in power spikes and reduced danger to equipment. Power Factor Correction can reduce the power consumption of household equipment. Besides this Power Factor Correction equipment not only provides voltage support but also reduces the losses in the system. Power Factor Correction equipment provide extra power to motors that result in reduced working temperatures, efficient working and less operating cost. Several industries and commercial building use heavy electric motors for machinery and different processes. For them Energy savings is an important factor. With numerous energy-saving schemes there are many options for installing high efficiency, longer durability and power saving motors. For this purpose the power factor can be as low as possible. Power factor correction will certainly aid in creation of certificate and energy savings. There are several methods available to calculate the power correction factor. With the usage of two variables we can easily determine the rating of the Power Factor Correction installed in the capacitors. NSW regulations have set a minimum power factor of 0.9. Therefore you can say that the power factor corrections between 0.9 to 0.98 will help you in saving the maximum power and energy. There are several questions like why not to use high power correction factor in motors? These days the motors are not designed with the highest power factor. Efficiency and other desirable features have to be incorporated in the motor. The effect of high power factor in motors can be substituted by a good capacitor giving a power factor of nearly 95-98%, a commendable improvement tailored for enhancing the efficiency. External correction has a bigger advantage as they correct not only the transformers but also improve the lower power factor. These facilities will surely save a lot of money, increase the life of the electrical equipment and provide the best results.

by Glenn Hough, CEO Electric Saver 1200


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