Energy Conservation Techniques For Your Home

Home Energy Conservation Techniques

Remember every unit of energy saved, will add to your bank balance
“My energy bills are soaring and I need to do something about it” This sentence is the oft repeated sentence in today’s world because the primary inputs for energy i.e. oil and gas have shot up in price and are not going to come down in near future.

However, not everything is lost. True the prices the prices will not come down nor are energy requirements going will go down. When both the things are constant, how is this magic possible? Yes there is a way out and you will get to know about it in short time. But before that, take some small steps that will reduce your energy bills.

fixing-lightSteps for reducing the energy bills

Look for alternative forms of energy. Solar and wind energy are potential sources from which you can get free energy once you install the equipment.
Heating and air conditioning are the biggest consumers of energy in your home. A little increase of thermostat setting for air conditioner, and a little lowering of setting for your heating thermostat will save many dollars even without your knowing it your family realizing it.Check the insulation of your house and stop all possibility of heat being added during summer and being taken away in winter from your house. This will save you a big chunk of money. Just one look at your house and your bank balance will start go up.

When buying new appliances, remember to look for high efficiency items.
Switch off all unwanted lights and make sure they remain switched off when you leave any room. This must be practiced by everyone in the house.
Take a survey of your water requirements and cut off all that is not required in your garden. If necessary install a drip irrigation system. This will reduce pumping cost and it will also help environment by reducing use of water to the extent possible.
Think of many other small but significant ways of doing things with less energy. Ask everyone in your house to do it. You will realize that you have indeed reduced your energy bill to a large extent.

From our side we will give you a piece of equipment that will reduce energy bills. Of course it is not free. But the cost of product is so low compared to its long life that you will wonder why you did not buy this product much earlier. The product we are talking about is “The Energy Saver 1200”. Reasonably priced at close to US$ 130, and with a life expectancy of over 25 years, the equipment is too good to be missed. Depending upon your energy consumption, the cost of product can be recovered in months if not years. A talk with our sales person will convince you about the product.

There is no magic associated with “The Energy Saver 1200”. It works on the sound principle of increasing the power factor of your home and since the power factors are less than 1 and is always in the denominator of your energy bills, any increase is going to help you. Ask us and we will be glad tell you about this product.

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by Glenn Hough, CEO Electric Saver 1200


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