The Flexible Truth

Many countries energy plans are quite rigid. The benchmarks are set in stone and the way they are allowed to go about it is rigidly controlled. The EPA realized in America being told what to do like that doesn’t fly, so they’ve allowed states to develop their own game plan when it comes to the switch- and it seems to be working.
A big part of the reason this flexible plan works is that allows for more creative solutions. Each state is coming up with multi-pronged solutions that are surprisingly cooperative and effective. Another way the flexibility helps is that it allows states to adapt their plans over time, which avoids some of the issues other countries are having trying to pull rush jobs. One thing that isn’t flexible- the old energy plants like coal based ones have to be switched out with new, green or renewable ones. As all this change happens, it’s not simply shuttering old businesses. In face, all this multi-layered development is creating a lot of new jobs!
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