Figuring Out Electrical Fires

Fire prevention week was last week, so we may be a bit late with this, but in its spirit we have some electrical fire information that may illuminate the way you do business- or maybe it’s just some extra info for your clients.
The first and second leading cause of electrical house fire is a problem with heating or cooking equipment. This usually has something to do with the occupant and not the electrician, but the third leading cause are electrical distribution centers. That’s us. And most commonly that’s due to bad wiring inside. That makes us able to prevent a significant amount of fire whenever we’re on the job by simply doing what we love and doing it well.
Here’s a good statistic for your clients, 3,300 electrical fires a year are caused by extension cords and are only meant for temporary use. And many electrical fire start because people plug in too much into one outlet, particularly when they plug in more than one appliance that heats up at a time. For more you can share, check out the awesome infographic.

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