Enhance Power Efficiency with KVAR Power Saver Box

Enhance Power EfficiencyDue to the increasing environmental concern and the extensive efforts being made to save costs, people are adopting various means to enhance the efficiency levels of their power consumption. The first thing that needs to be understood is the fact electricity in any form is pure energy which can neither be stored not constrained. When we speak of saving electricity, the primary intension is to avoid unnecessary use of electricity which can be used for other productive or meaningful purposes. This understanding forms the basis of the various ways that are proposed for saving power and the applicable costs generated out of its usage.

Some of the basic methods of conserving power and controlling the associated costs include the minimization of phantom loads (the energy consumed when the electrical device is still off), using appliances that have better energy efficiency ratings, checking the electrical systems to prevent excessive heat generation and loss as it can affect electricity consumption, and using power saving units which control electricity consumption by enhancing the efficiency levels of motors used in the appliances. Kvar power saver box and the Electric Saver 1200 are such power saving units which can be installed alongside the motors directly or in the electric panel.

KVAR Power Saver BoxKvar Power Saver box is designed specifically to recycle the unused power in your house or office, thereby reducing excessive power bills. You can install this power saver and be free of all worries related to energy usage. Kvar Power saver box provides protection against power spikes and energy surges which help in prolonging the working efficiency of the motors in the electrical appliances. EMFs produced by these motors have a harmful impact on the surroundings, but the power saver boxes reduce these EMFs significantly. The features of this box indicate that it is in fact the motor in the appliances which cause the majority of the power consumption to exceed normal levels. Monthly bills are expected to reduce by 6% to 15% with the use of this power box.

The Electric Saver 1200 focuses more on the impact of heavy electrical appliances such as air conditioners, heat pumps, or any other motor based appliance. This component is compatible with global electrical systems, just like Kvar power saver box, recycles energy by supplying power when required by the motors. This is beneficial considering the fact that appliances tend to generate phantom load which adds on to the bill amount, but is not seen visibly utilized in the household or commercial space. Another benefit of this recycling is the lowering of the generated heat that is developed around the wires and the motors. The electric saver 1200 assures of bill amount reductions by 40% – 60%.

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It is best to nip the evil in the bud. In terms of electrical consumption, it is advised to get a Power Audit conducted at the site. The reason behind the conduction of the audit is to find the specific reason behind inefficiency of the electrical components that have been installed. Sometimes, it is just improper designing of the room or house which requires more electricity to be consumed in order to have proper lighting and airy environment. There are various ways in which the natural light can be utilized to provide enough lighting to the space. Also by channelizing air flow through proper ducts, the need for ceiling fans can also be reduced significantly. So with a few adjustments in the designs of the location and the use of power saver units, one can save up on power and money to a large extent.

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