DREAM JOB? Energy Consultant should be on your list. Here’s why.

If you listed out all your dream jobs, would energy consultant make the list?  It should, here’s why.  Most organizations and companies spend up to 30% of operational costs on energy expenses.  If you have the ability to shave that cost in half, that’s alot of cheddar you are putting back into that organization’s hands.  And that is worth ALOT of money.  If you position your argument to the business owners that are willing to spend $ to add alot more to their bottom line, your ability to make the income of your dreams is completely within your grasp.

But, it’s not ALWAYS about the money, am I right?  For many, it’s having more time to be with your loved ones and do the things you love.  Being an Energy consultant is awesome in this regard because you set your pace.  You make your own hours.  And if you are financially able & feel like taking a couple months off, you can.  This is why being an Energy Consultant is a dream job.  But it goes further than that.  You see, you don’t have to only pitch businesses about saving energy, you can help homeowners too.  When you rest your head at night knowing you helped everyone in your community save energy and live a better quality of life, it goes without saying you can rest easy.

If the above scenario sounds like your dream job, you should definitely look into becoming a reseller of our products.  Our energy saving products have been designed to make motors and appliances more energy efficient.  So whether you are addressing a large factory with many sewing machines or a family home, the products help both residential and commercial properties. By recycling the lost energy and releasing it back to the motors whenever it is needed, you demand less from your power provider.  It’s been proven by GE, Westinghouse, and 3rd party tested by New York Energy Authority.

By becoming a dealer, you will be able to buy the units in bulk at wholesale prices and resell them to the end user.  A residential unit usually sells retail for $299-$499 installed, and a commercial unit usually sells retail for $795-$1995 depending on the model.  However, we don’t mandate the prices.  Because we know that certain situations require exceptions.

Dealer set-up fees are not required so it’s easy to get started with us.  The demonstration kit and the starter package are a great way to get started. The demonstration kit will enable you to show your clients how the product works right in front of their eyes instead of explaining and hoping they understand.  This is very important when speaking with customers who have no idea about electricity.

As a dealer, you will get access to all our training articles, videos and marketing resources to help you understand the product more and answer the technical questions you may have. We offer private labeling as well.  We send you digital copies of the product labels for you to take to any print shop of your choice and get your company name & information added. This option ensures you continue receiving referrals from your customer’s friends and family for years to come.

Join the winning team and become an Energy Management Consultant today.  Not only do you help others save energy and improve their lives, you also improve your life by having your dream job.  Join our team today!


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