3 Easy Ways to Slash Your Power Bill in HALF!

Electricity represents a large portion of operating costs especially to those areas that use air conditioning and refrigeration. Conservation is nothing new, but with the proper energy management technique you can achieve and complete cost reduction opportunities. Finding ways to conserve electricity is a great plan and using the Electric Saver 1200 will help you get on the right path to saving electricity and money.

What is the Electric Saver 1200?

These Energy Saving products are designed to lower your Electric Bill.  Basically it makes the motors in your home more efficient and levels out power spikes that can easily become costly when you need to replace a large appliance or HVAC system. The Electric Saver increases the life span of your electric motors and appliances by helping them run more efficiently.  It is easily attached and installed directly to an electric panel or directly to an electric motor in about 20 minutes. If you are sick and tired of rising energy bills and short lived appliances, get your today by clicking the link below… But, what are other ways to save energy in your home? Read on for even more great tips to slash those power bills in HALF!

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Easy Ways to Conserve Energy

1) Power saving light bulbs – one of the most common ways to conserve energy is using CFL or LED lighting. They last longer, omit the same amount of light, and are low on energy.


2) Insulation – is another incredible way of conserving energy consumption by reducing or increasing the perfect room temperature. By using this, you can keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This will also save you on electric fans and heaters. These techniques also include insulating your floors, roofs, and filling up small holes and cracks where the air can escape.  With the blow in insulation and spray foam, there are many options that you can implement that don’t require you to tear apart your ceilings or walls.

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3) Window treatments – are not only for home decoration, but also for saving energy. They can reduce and increase heat loss and gain. Windows allow for natural light to pour in, but they also allow heat to come in.  By using window treatments such as blinds, shutter, curtains or even window tint, you can dramatically change the temperature in a room that is always too hot.


Common Mistakes With Energy Conservation

Most people commit mistakes when it comes to energy conservation. Most do this unknowingly. Be sure to apply the proper techniques above, but don’t then leave all your electric appliances & lighting on.  This would mean that although you have just made a difference, you just changed your usage habits and lost all your gains.  So if you do make improvements, be sure that you capture those losses by not changing your habits. 

Keep track of your energy usage from last year over this year (or last month over this month).  Without knowing where you were, it is difficult to see if you are improving or not.  Make sure you can compare what is really making an impact on your energy bills so that you can do something to handle the issue. 

Be sure to keep in mind the changes in weather.  In Florida, it is very common for someone’s power bill to go from $200 to $300 the very next month when the weather starts heating up.  If you recently installed something that should be lowering your power bill and it goes up, be sure to consider the weather as a possible factor if you do see a higher bill. 

Some have installed power saving devices and then the next month, the power bill went from $2

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00 to $250 so they immediately think the product didn’t save them anything. However, upon further inspection, the bill would’ve been closer to $300 (if the power saving device hadn’t been installed initially) so they actually saved $50 the first month.  So be sure to think with the weather and have a start point to compare to.  I recommend comparing year over year as the weather is usually pretty similar from last year’s August to this year’s August.

Happy Energy Saving! We hope you enjoyed this post.  To read more about better understanding electricity bills, click here. For even more ways to save on electricity bills, visit Here!  Thank you for visiting our blog, we loved having you here.  Be sure to sign up for your free gift before you go.  We can’t wait to see you again soon 🙂




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