Energy Conservation Techniques to Enhance Energy Efficiency

Energy is an important resource that must be conserved at all costs, both at home and at your place of work. At work, you could also contribute towards saving energy, both within the organization you work for, and outside.

Below are a few tips on how to conserve energy at the workplace:

  • Hold an Energy Meeting and Create a Committee
    The first step towards being energy-efficient at the workplace is to hold an energy conservation meeting with co-workers or employees. At this meeting, you can discuss ways of saving energy at the workplace. At the meeting, you could establish some sort of an energy committee comprising employees with the mandate of coming up with ways of saving energy. You can come up with a program to reward any employee who comes up with suggestions on energy saving. Engaging an energy audit firm can also help come up with ways to conserve energy. It could also come up with energy conservation techniques applicable at work.
  • happy-businessEnergy Conservation Techniques at the Workplace

    After work, it is a good practice to turn off all lights so as to save energy. You can also install room lighting controls to automatically turn lights on and off, depending on the need. Clean lamps, lenses, fixtures, bulbs and reflective surfaces regularly to increase your lights’ output. Similarly, it is prudent to install motion sensors in little-used rooms such as storage rooms and bathrooms. Remind your employees or co-workers to always turn out the lights and equipment not being used.
    Lamps in areas with more lighting than is necessary should be removed. Overhead lighting should be replaced with task lighting to ensure only specific areas in need of lighting are lit. Similarly, incandescent floodlight bulbs should be replaced with compact florescent lamps. For flat-roofed buildings, install skylights so as let in natural light. This is one of the most effective energy conservation techniques that will save you from having to install more bulbs.
  • Equipment, Machinery and Energy Conservation
    Before, buying company vehicles, ensure you compare their energy requirements and buy the most energy-efficient one. Consider purchasing hybrid vehicles. Installing programmable thermostats in the workplace will greatly help save energy. Such devices will help in the optimization of thermal needs. Office equipment such as copiers and computers should be energy-efficient. Similarly, when purchasing industrial equipment, carry out a careful evaluation of energy consumption. You could greatly save energy by using heavy equipment during off-peak periods.

Energy Saver 1200: One of the Best Energy Saving Techniques
The above energy conservation techniques will, without a doubt, help save energy at the workplace. In addition, you could save a great deal of energy by purchasing Energy Saver 1200. In addition to greatly reducing your electric bill, Energy Saver 1200 will extend your appliances’ life and protect your house. This gadget achieves this by recycling any lost energy from your motors and other appliances and releasing it back to them, thereby reducing the amount of heat on wires. Buying Energy Saver 1200 will no doubt enable you conserve energy and save on costs incurred through huge electricity bills.

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by Glenn Hough, CEO Electric Saver 1200


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