Electric Saving Device: Ten Ways To Conserve Electricity At Work

cartoon-dollar-bulbAccording to statistics released by US Department of Energy, commercial buildings consumed 17.9 quads or nearly 5.25 million gigawatt hours of primary energy which is nearly one fifth of the total energy consumed in the country in 2009. That costs a lot of money even if the average cost per unit is considered as 10 cents. Hence it makes sense to save energy at work place even if it is a small percentage of the total electricity consumed. Saving electricity consumption is equivalent to earning top dollars. Some of the ways of conserving power is as simple as switching of lighting when not in use to using special electric saving device.

1. Using timing devices and motion sensors to switch off lighting when no one is in the office can reduce your electric bill considerably. Timers can be set for example to coincide with ending of a meeting in a conference hall or closing down of office at the end of the day. Similarly, motion sensors can detect absence of persons moving around and switch off power accordingly.

2. Air conditioning consumes a lot of electricity and using programmable climate control can save power by switching off air conditioners when not required as well as automatically adjusting the settings as per need.

Turn Off Computer3. Computers consume considerable power and using energy efficient monitors as well as powering them down (putting them in sleep mode) when not in use by adjusting the power settings can save money.

4. Office equipment like copiers, fax machines, and printers should be energy star compliant so that they consume less electricity when powered on. Built in standby mode saves power when not in use.

5. Other devices like coffee machines, mobile chargers, fans etc. should be switched off at the end of the day in order to save power. Using power strips will make the task easy with a single flip of the switch.

6. Water heaters should be set to optimum temperatures to save electricity. According to US DOE’s estimates, a 10 deg F reduction in water temperature can save up to 5 % in power consumption. Reducing water temperature can also save equipment maintenance and plumbing repair costs.

7. Replacing inefficient incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent units as well as using electronic ballasts can save up to 50 % of energy consumed in lighting.

8. Inefficient heating or cooling due to clogged filters, vents and ducts can increase your utility bill. Clean them periodically and maintain them in good condition.

Electric Saving Device

9. Utilize natural lighting as much as possible by opening the shades when the sun is shining bright outside and using at the same time tinted or film coated glass panels can reduce energy loss and power consumption.
10. Finally you can use electric saving device like Electricity Saver 1200 which make motors more energy efficient apart from handling power surges and brownouts. It reduces the heat generated in wires and motors and recycles the energy thus wasted back into the system. This can not only reduce your power bill but increase the longevity of motors as well. Electricity Saver 1200 is safe to use as it has been UL certified and even carries product liability insurance.

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