Earth Day – A is for Amazing Energy Innovations

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Earth Day 2015 - Amazing Energy Innovations

Today we’re talking about amazing energy innovations—those inventions and pieces of technology that make it possible to save energy and improve the environment.

Here are some of the best and most accessible energy innovations that you can use in your home!

Programmable “Smart” Thermostats

In the last couple of years, a new breed of thermostat has found its way to the shelves of your local home improvement store. Earlier thermostat models were considered fancy if they had a few customizable features. These new versions are not only well-designed and intricate, they exist specifically to help you use less electricity and save money. A “smart” thermostat works in a couple of different ways. First, it learns about your habits in relation to your air conditioning or heating system and actually adapts to the way you use it.

Let’s say that you always set the thermostat to 78 degrees when you leave for work in the morning. Everyone has had at least one day where they pressed “snooze” one too many times and left the house in a rush. And when those mornings hit, your thermostat understandably might be the last thing on your mind as you’re zooming out the door. Those 8-10 hours of your air conditioner running at full-blast can add up on your electric bills! Well, most smart thermostats are actually linked to your smartphone with an app! So once you calmly get to your desk, you can adjust the temperature and save yourself the annoyance of arriving home to a much-colder-than-necessary (and much more expensive!) house in the evening.

The features on these energy saving gadgets are numerous and installing one could be a very convenient way to save energy and money!

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Power Factor Correction Devices

Electric Saver 1200

Power factor correction is a term that relates to improving the energy efficiency of various appliances in your home. When electricity is transferred through wires, some of it is lost through heat. This loss is called “line loss” and can actually be making your electric bills much higher than necessary! This is especially true if you have several appliances which are older models, or appliances which are notorious for drinking up electricity, like pool pumps or ancient refrigerators.

Installing a power factor correction device is about as easy and convenient as it gets. Purchasing one of these costs less than $200 and all you have to do is install it (or hire a professional to do so) and that’s it! There’s nothing to think about, nothing to change out and no maintenance required! Our Electric Saver 1200 is one of the highest rated power factor correction devices on the market. It comes with a 365-day money back guarantee and a slew of rave reviews from customers. The average reported savings fell anywhere between 10% and 25%, with the difference being dependent upon how much correction was needed. Even on the lower end of that spectrum, a 10% savings is a big deal and it also shows that you’re reducing your energy usage as well!


Other Energy Efficient Products

Did you know that there are even “smart” power strips now? Yep! You plug in your devices to them and can control the power strips from an app on your smartphone. This is not only a genius way to be in control of your electric bill—it can also eliminate a lot of stress! How many times have you arrived to the office and wondered if you remembered to unplug the iron? Now, with the touch of a button, you can choose to either turn off the entire power strip or individually control connected devices.

There are also gadgets and apps that can allow you to control your entire home remotely! Control your thermostat, lock your doors, turn off lights and appliances, and even activate and control security cameras—all from your smartphone. Many of these whole-home systems also can be hooked up with smart electrical meters that can show you all the details of your home’s energy usage in real-time. Knowledge is power, after all! So being able to see the exact energy consumption in your home at any given time also can inform you about your habits and help change these to become more efficient overall!


New technology is coming out every day that makes it possible to save energy and help the environment. This Earth Day, think about improvements you can make in your home that can save energy and improve efficiency!

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