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Attention business owners and property managers!  If you are in charge of maintaining operations at your facility, you already know energy usage is a MAJOR expense.  In fact, many businesses spend about 30% of their operational costs on energy expenses.  However, because you aren’t the average bear, you stumbled upon this article 😉  Read on to see how you can reduce costs.

By recouping energy losses into savings, companies can focus on their core business while the savings made in home residences could be used to improve homeowners lives world over.  Whatever you decide to do with the extra money, you will agree with me, it is better to pay for cheap electricity rather than expensive wasted electricity you cannot benefit from!

Motors are inefficient because when they run, they do not consume all the energy they demand from the power company.  Because those motors are on your side of the power meter, your power company doesn’t do anything to help you.  (They do use this technology on their system proving it does work!)  The wasted energy does find its way to your electricity bill even though you have not used it.

The motors that drive up this wasted energy include: the Central Air Conditioner, Pool pump, Heat pump, Ceiling fans, Refrigerators, Escalators, Elevators, among others.  If you use any motor driven equipment or any of the things mentioned above, we can help your facility become more energy efficient and save you $$$.

Electric Saver 1200 provides a USA manufactured product that has been designed specifically to provide a solution to this problem. The innovation makes your motors more energy efficient by recycling the lost energy and releasing it back to the motors whenever it is needed.

In the process, the amount of heat required by the motors and connecting wires is significantly reduced. What this essentially does is reduce the kilowatts used up. By making your motors efficient and reducing the demand from your power company, you are billed less kilowatts and save money.

Electric Saver 1200 also prevents power surges.  Hence, saving you more money by protecting your equipment, expensive electronics & appliances. This energy saver not only reduces your power bills but also makes your motors and appliances last longer.


To provide sufficient and tailored support, there are different sizes of units available.  The most common residential unit for homes in the USA is the ES1200 model.  For Commercial and Industrial Applications, the size you need depends on the motor or service size of the electrical panel the commercial unit needs to be installed at, we have several different sized models available ES3100, ES3200, and ES3400.



Become more energy efficient and be your company’s hero this year.  By slashing your energy costs on motor driven equipment, you can make a big difference.  Get more information by clicking this link:  If you need help determining what equipment your facility needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We can easily refer you to someone who can help and even come install all the equipment for you so have a completely hands off experience.  It is totally up to you how involved you want to be.

what uses the most energy- energy saving tips

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