Contracting Risk

Construction is anything but easy. It’s hard, dirty, sweaty, complicated work that takes time, patience, and an acceptance of some risk. That’s the biggest part of being a contractor- recognizing and planning for how to manage the risks that come with the job. Some of the biggest problems though can be avoided with proper management.
If you’re a subcontractor the first step is making sure to fully vet your general contractor. Know where they’re coming from and don’t be afraid to fight for what you know is important to the job- in terms of payment and safety. Call out the potential problems early so they don’t blow up later.
Don’t keep working with a supply house that keeps letting you down either. If you’re missing items from order it might seem to be a mild inconvenience at first, but one day they’ll short you something that can stop work and cost you significant money.
See more risk management tips and how you can combat the woes of them here: 5 Ways Contractors Can Manage Risk More Effectively.

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