The Christmas Counterfeit

What’s the best part of the holidays? The gifts? The looks on kids faces? The trees? Some say it’s those things others know the truth- it’s the lights. Christmas lights are the draw of the season. Sitting under them in the warmth of your home on a cold, blustery winter’s night nothing is more relaxing. That is until the whole mess of cord ignites taking down you holiday and house along with it!
Maybe it’s a grim view, but counterfeit lights and products are becoming more and more common- and of course these products are from China. The products around the holidays range from cords to power strips to lights, but what’s even more frightening is that these counterfeit fire-starters are going beyond simply holiday products.
While people are taking action against the cheap products, there are still a ton of them on the market and we should be making our clients aware of them and how to avoid them. For example, if the products are being sold at a unbelievably cheap price or with obvious misspellings on the packages.
See more on how you can help your customers avoid faulty electrical equipment here: Risky Holiday Lights.

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