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Solar spray – energy of the future?

I’m excited about the future of solar energy. As solar technologies continue to develop, we’re seeing panels available at a fraction of the cost they once were. Solar power is becoming more affordable both on large and small scales, however when I saw this article my skeptical senses were tingling – a solar cell… spray?

A new system has recently been developed by Canadian scientists that allows light-sensitive colloidal quantum dots to be sprayed or printed onto a flexible film that can coat almost any object from cars to airplane wings to patio furniture. It’s called sprayLD, and the system was pieced together from art store air brushes and a spray nozzle commonly used in steel mills.

Don’t let its meager “junkyard” origins fool you – the system is more efficient and performs just as well (if not better) than current colloidal quantum dot technology.

Could spray-on power really become a common reality? This might be one to watch.

Read the full article here: Spray On Solar Cells

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