Buy Power Saver: Your First Step to Save Energy

Saving power means using less amount of power and cutting down your expenses in the process. If you buy power saver, then you’ll not only help save the environment, but save your hard earned cash as well by saving on the extra lengthy bills. Power generation is from natural resources like coal, oil or gases. Thus when we think of using these in lesser quantities, they last longer and we can store them in sufficient amounts for the future. Also when there is less power consumption, the demands to have more power plants reduce, imports of newer energy from other places as well will decrease.
Read on to get an idea of the best ways to save your power usage.

Power Bill ProblemReduce Phantom Loads
“Phantom load” means the power that has been consumed by a product which is not being currently used. According to a study, in an average home, 75 percent of the electric energies are consumed when they are turned off. This results in 6 percent of total national housing electric consumption. You must try to un-plug your appliances when not in use and turn power off.

Adding Efficiency to your Heat Pump
Without adequate maintenance and care, your heat pump may not generate the desired amount of heat in winter. Additionally, it can also add to the expenses of your electric bill. You need to take up the preventive measures to keep off from these pitfalls. Some of these measures include lowering the air filter of the heat pump, buying a programmable thermostat, or sealing the air ducts.

The correct use of air conditioning
If not used properly, the expenses of your electricity bill can increase because of your air conditioners. Fortunately, making the best use of the air conditioning can help consume less power.

Turn down the A/C during night for couple of hours, since it’s not required to have the same amount of conscious cooling like the day. You can also buy a power saver to help lower the electricity expenses.
Don’t try to cool the whole area unless needed. Just the right place will do the job and save around 50 percent of power consumption.

Additionally, you can also choose an alternative option like: 
Use fans to cool your home
In most of the hotter countries a ceiling fan does the trick. This reduces the needs of air-conditioning at unwanted times. Every degree you raise your thermostat, you raise your cooling costs between 7-10 percent. Have windows that reduce heat loss. A lot of new storm windows are available these days that help the heat loss by sealing leaks and creating closed space between window panes. If this is not possible simply covering the windows with thin transparent material can increase the insulation. And save the extra heat from coming in.

Conserving power with the power saver 1200™: A Popular Solution to Count on
If you want to buy power saver product for your home then the power saver 1200™ is a good choice to consider. Manufactured in the United States, the product is an efficient way to save money and comes in commercial and residential models. The best part about the power saver 1200™ is that it recycles and releases back to the motor when required, which in turn helps save your money on the bills and protects your home against power outages as well.

Stop wasting your time and money. Start saving your electric bills and earn your money back.

Buy Power Saver

by Glenn Hough, CEO Electric Saver 1200


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