Is Energy Management Consultant Right for You?

Energy is one of the key factors that drive economies throughout the world. Energy is very expensive to produce and our current energy supply isn’t renewable.  For this reason, it makes energy conservation very important as it helps everyone involved.  And you can create an amazing business just by helping people conserve energy and live better.


Energy conservation involves the right usage of energy while minimizing losses. Energy losses are attributed to the heat dissipated on the conductor carrying current or throughout the wiring on your property.  But can you properly assess someone’s property to ensure energy savings?  The answer is yes, as long as you have the training. Read on to see how you can get that for free!

Inductive loads such as motors which have coils wound in them, usually consume reactive power while as capacitors generate reactive power. When the demand of reactive power from the source is high, it’s said that the power factor is poor.

High reactive power demand from the source increases the amount of reactive power that flows along the line. Increase in current along the line leads to increase in the amount of heat that is dissipated along the conductor since the amount of heat dissipated is directly proportional to the square of current that flows along the line.

In order to reduce the amount of heat that is wasted it’s necessary that the amount of current that flows along the line is reduced. This can be achieved through the use of our equipment.

The Electric Saver 1200 employs the same technology as your power company and big business.  It recycles the energy that otherwise would have been wasted and releases it back to the motor as needed.

If you are ready to make a great living, have the freedom to set you own schedule and work when you want, become an energy management consultant today.

Start helping others reduce energy while improving their quality of life too.  This is big business in commercial industries as saving a facility 10% of their costs is a HUGE profit increase. We provide energy management solutions to help families and businesses worldwide improve their lives.  Won’t you join the winning team? Click the Button Below to get started for free.  Get all the training, marketing materials, and units at wholesale bulk prices now!

Become a Power Saver 1200 Dealer

Our products have been Safety inspected and are listed with UL and CUL in USA and Canada.  Underwriters Laboratories inspects our facilities at random throughout the year to ensure our products are always quality for your clients.  They work at 110v, 220v, 240v and 480v depending on the model you choose.


Stop being underbid on those jobs! Stop cutting your prices and going broke just to get a job!  Join the winning Electric Saver team and become an energy management consultant today!





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