Achieve energy efficiency in business with Power Factor Correction equipment

Scaling-Building-EfficiencyPower Factor is a computation of the exact capacity of an electrical component and its electric charge at a particular time with the use of power factor calculator. Ideally, Power Factor would be 1. Sorry to say in the current world, Power Factor is cut down by extremely inductive loads to a unit measure of 0.7 or a lesser amount of which is below the ideal unity (1). A lesser amount than unity simply means that additional power is needed to take care of the actual mission at hand. The additional energy is referred to as Reactive Power.

Many electrical equipments including luminaire transformers, fluorescent lighting, wielding sets, compressors and motors are attributable for causing what is referred to as an inductive load on the power supply. The process is known as load induction. Typically, any inductive load needs a magnetic field to function, and in crafting a magnetic field sees the Current holdup the Voltage resulting in a discrepancy between the current and the voltage. Thus, the wave forms of Voltage and Current are not in sync with one another. Remember that the more out of sync they become, the lesser the Power Factor.

At this point, Power Factor Correction is applied as a means of restoring the Power Factor to the ideal unity as economically as possible. This is typically achieved through the installation of perfectly sized controlled capacitors into the electrical circuit system, which balances the demand of Reactive Power by inductive loads and in turn reducing the load on the supply. As a result, Power Factor is attuned nearer to unity and wastage of energy is minimized. The advent of Power Factor Correction capacitors is a well renowned practice of cutting down on electrical loads, hence reducing wasted energy and furthermore, improving the efficacy of a plant. Many capacitor banks are commonly used in 3 phase applications and perform a great job in balancing the load in equal measure among the phase’s hence lessening power spikes as well as safeguarding your equipment.

Capacitor mode of Power Factor Correction offers a host of benefits to electric power networks. First, business owners get to correct their poor Power Factor. Since poor Power Factor leads to high power consumption, restoring your Power Factor to unity will significantly cut on your power consumption. The effects of a good Power Factor will see you avoid being billed a bad power factor penalty as well as cut down on your electricity bills. A good power factor depicts maximum utilization of electrical power, while a bad power factor results in purchasing extra power to acquire same load Kilowatt, which doesn’t come on the cheap.

Become Energy Efficient

Power Factor correction equipment balances the load in the electrical network and provides additional voltage to bulky electric equipments in order for machines to carry out tasks much longer by operating cooler. In addition, the PFC tool runs extremely efficiently using a lesser amount of kilowatts translating to reduced operating expenses since you avoid being charged a power factor fine by their electricity provider. Indeed, this is an excellent bonus as you can save significant chunks of money from your utility bills and channel them towards other important areas in your business.


by Glenn Hough, CEO Electric Saver 1200


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