The 4 Appliances Wreaking Havoc on your Power Bills…

While fossil fuels are less expensive to run the nation on currently, what happens when we have no more “fuel” to use?  And more importantly, if it is less expensive to operate on, why are our rates continuing to increase?  No one seems to be asking that question!  So, what can you do to lower your electricity bills and tell your power company just where to go with their increasing rate hikes?

First, determine what is impacting your power bill the most in your home or business.  According to Energy Star, heating and cooling accounts for 40-60% of your power bill.  So, by focusing on that alone, you can make a huge dent in lowering that energy bill.  

Here are the top 4 appliances that consume a lot of electricity:

1. Air Conditioners

Although some new air conditioners are energy efficient, this appliance is considered to be wasteful if not maintained properly. Dirt and other nature’s wrath like rust, dust and algae can cause the engine to work hard, thus demand for energy is high.



2. Heat Pumps
Like the mechanism of air conditioners, this machine uses a lot of energy to transfer heat from its source to a desired place to heat. The only difference is that, this machine makes or produces heat, thus it requires a tremendous amount of energy.



3. Refrigerators

Refrigerators are known to have a constant cooling mechanism that is powered by a powerful engine. According to some researchers, refrigerators are 1 of the top appliances that waste energy. Every time it is opened, refrigerators waste 7% of energy. In one year, this will sum up to 120 kWh waste energy from the refrigerator alone.




4. Swimming Pool Pumps

While swimming pools are a ton of fun, they can be costly to maintain.  Your swimming pool pump must run on average 10-12 hours EVERY day.  Due to the daily run time, this means alot of energy is adding up on that bill.  But, if you aren’t keen on filling in that swimming pool, keeping the pool pump running is vital to maintaining the pool properly. 


So once you know what’s costing you so much money?  What can you do about it?  You can replace light bulbs and upgrade that old refrigerator.  But upgrading to all new appliances or getting a newer more efficient Central A/C system is EXPENSIVE right?  What if you could make those systems more efficient for a fraction of the price?  Now you can! The Solution: Electric Saver 1200. 

This is a energy saving device made in the USA that recycles the energy back to your motors/appliances when they need energy. By doing this, you require less from your power provider.  If saving energy just isn’t your thing, another benefit of this device is protecting your property from power surges.  If your appliances were french fried in a storm tonight, do you have enough reserves set aside to replace them?  What about your time spent having to clean out the fridge or find a reliable contractor to install a new heat pump?  What is your time really worth to you?  How about protecting your property now BEFORE chaos strikes?  You deserve less stress and more fun right? Right!  Check out the video below to see how it works.  Or just visit our main site for more info now! Stop paying high power bills and put more of your hard earned dollars BACK into your wallet to spend on the things YOU DESERVE.



Lighting is a small portion of your bill (roughly 10-12% on average), but it’s easy to do, so why not tackle that? Replacing light bulbs with LEDs or CFLs is a cinch.  Other ways you can reduce your energy costs include insulating the water heater and not using the heated dry setting on the dishwasher.  Check out the helpful infographic below or visit these posts for even more energy saving tips!

energy efficiency habits

Want More Home Energy Saving Tips?

For even more tips to save on electricity bills, visit our guide here! Or To better understand electricity bills, we give a full breakdown here.  We have a ton of tips showing how to easily shave 20% (or MORE) off your power bills listed on this page.  Thank you for visiting our blog, we loved having you here. We hope you enjoyed our post.  Be sure to sign up for your free gift before you go.  We can’t wait to see you again soon.  Happy Energy Saving!.

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