Buy Power Saver: 5 Ways to Reduce Electricity Bills And Save Money

Switch To CFLs1. Switch To CFLs

An easy and quick way to less energy consumption is by replacing incandescent bulbs with the compact fluorescent light-bulbs (CFLs). The CFLs use 75% less energy & last 10times more than incandescent bulbs. This is the most common way to less consumption especially where many bulbs are in use.

When purchasing a CFL bulb, ensure it has an Energy Star label which is the mark of quality. Keep in mind that special CFLs are required for light dimmers.


2. Install Smarter Switches

Motion sensors only switches on the light when you need it hence you only pay for what you use. Other motion sensors require manual turn on but they turn off automatically. They are ideal in the bedrooms since they can’t turn on when tossing in the bed.

Some switches must be installed in the junction boxes while others are wireless. You can also buy light fixtures with in-built motion sensors. A special motion sensor is required to control CFL.

Use timers to control bathroom fans so that the fan runs for a preset time & automatically turns off. Timer duration varies according to the user needs. Make sure you buy a timer rated motors and not just lighting.


Buy Energy Star Appliances3. Buy Energy Star Appliances

Only buy appliances with the Energy Star Label since it’s the mark of quality since low quality appliances consume more power. Appliances with the quality label saves up to 30% of energy. Any refrigerator whose manufacturing year was before 2001 should be replaced with a new one since they use 50% more energy compared to recent ones.

You don’t know what to do with old appliances? Just recycle them. Don’t salvage & resell them-it will only pass electricity- hogging appliances along to another person. Check with utility companies or local home centers for programs for appliances pickup & recycling.


4. Service Your Air Conditioner

Heating and cooling system contributes to almost half of an average home’s bill. Air conditioners that are planted in direct sunlight uses about 10% more electricity. Plant a tree or a shrub to create a shade, but don’t interfere with airflow. You can also place the unit on the northern part of the house or build an awn over them.

Keep your central air conditioner on for it to run at maximum efficiency. Call in a pro to check the wiring & the refrigerant every 2-3 years.

Replace your air conditioner if more than 12 years old with a new one & reduce energy consumption by 30% plus maintenance costs. When buying, choose for a more energy efficient unit. Efficiency is measured by seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). A 13 to 14 SEER rating is high enough for an ordinary home.

Buy Power Saver5. Buy Power Saver

Buy and install an electric saver 1200 unit. The unit reduces your electricity bills by 25%, increases the life of your appliances & motors, and safeguards your home from power outages & surges by making the motor more efficient. Power saver unit has a one year guarantee.


  • · Handles power surges & help with Brownouts
  • · 25 year Life Expectancy
  • · 50/60 Hertz
  • · Box rated for Outdoor & Indoor Installation with Nema 3R Rated Rainproof
  • · Unit Size Commercial (3 Phase)-several models
  • · Unit Size Residential (Single phase)-several models
  • · Works on 240 & 220 Volts AC for local use as 110 Volts for international use
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