Energy Management for An Energy Efficient Home

Energy Management for An Energy Efficient Home

Making your home energy efficient not only reduces your energy bills but also reduces your carbon footprint. There are different ways through which you can make your home energy efficient. You could utilise an energy management services firm in your area or get an energy audit conducted on your home. These services help to bring to your notice, the areas where you are consuming more energy and provide a solution.

Home Energy Audit
You could take the help of professionals to get an energy audit conducted on your home. These professionals check your home thoroughly and point out to you the areas in the home where energy is being wasted. They also provide solutions to make your home energy efficient.

Thermo graphic Inspection
Infrared scanning is used by most professional home auditors to check for any thermal defects in your home. There may be too much heat in one part of the home and as a result more energy is consumed to make it cooler.

Blower Door Test
This test is done to check the air tightness of the home. Due to air leakage, the home remains insufficiently heated or cooled. This results in over usage of the heating/cooling equipments which consume more energy.

Alternatively, you could also do a home audit yourself. Just keep a eye out for any problem areas in the home and make a checklist to correct them. Be sure to check


Air Leaks – Check your home for any air leaks. You can easily notice the parts where you may find a gap between the walls or the doors. By rectifying these gaps, you can make your home air tight, ensuring that the temperature in the home remains stable for a longer period.

Ventilation – Your home should also have adequate ventilation. Make proper use of the windows to let in natural air and lighting into the home. If you don’t have enough natural light, then install windows at appropriate places.

Insulation – The home should also be properly insulated against natural elements like snow, sun and rain. Install proper roofing fixtures and make any necessary repairs on the exteriors of the home.

Heating and Cooling Equipment – Always check your heating and cooling equipment at regular intervals. These equipment might need some minor repairs or servicing done as they are the most used electronic appliances in the home.  According to 40-60% of your homes power bill comes from heating and cooling.  If you are not quite ready to upgrade to a newer efficient model, consider the Electric Saver 1200.  It installs on your Central A/C or Heat Pump and makes the motor more efficient.  Thus lowering your energy costs.

Electrical Appliances – Check all the electronic appliances in the home. Remove the plugs of the equipment when not in use. This little action helps you to reduce your energy consumption.

Energy Management Services
There are many good companies which offer various services to make your home more energy efficient. These energy management services include conducting professional energy audits, providing information about the latest methods in energy conservation and practical tips for home owners.
Proper energy conservation depends upon you. If you decide to be more careful and prudent with your energy consumption, then you will find many ways through which you can decrease your energy consumption.
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Electricity has been a source of pain to many. Reason being, it accounts for most parts of an individual’s monthly budget and ironically some homesteads end up paying a lot of money on there electricity bill compared to what they actually pay on rent.

This problem really brings many to try and answer the same puzzle that has actually been a headache to many over the years- How to Save Money on Electric Bill.

Replace the ordinary bulb with the energy saving bulbs. Ordinary bulbs are known to use a lot of energy because they emit both light and a lot of heat at the same time. On the contrary energy saving bulbs emits a good amount light and less heat using less energy.

The one method always forgotten by many involves the use of common sense. By simply turning of all bulbs when you leave the rooms and electric appliances that are not in use like the empty refrigerators, ovens, television sets, cooker and freezers it help reduce on your electricity bill.

Switch off devices when not in use. It is also advised to use the electric devices sparingly and by this it mean switching them on and of regularly.

Avoid heating things using electricity. This encourages the use of alternative sources of heat in heating substances reducing electricity consumption.

Avoid using certain appliances like the dish washers, air conditioners and the cloth driers since they can be easily compensated for by drying the clothes on the line and manually washing the dishes.


For winters seasons and areas experiencing very cold temperatures, it is much more economical to use electric blanket as compared to heating up the whole room during the night. it is also encouraged to paint your houses with bright colors as this reflect a lot of light and being a source of energy it keeps the house warm.

Still on those who use thermostats, make sure it is properly set such that it only works when you are at home.

Also use proper window and door sealing on your home
. That would mean leaving no cracks gaping reducing the chances of outside air getting in to your house.





Use the Electric Saver 1200. It recycles the energy lost through the wires in your home or business as a result of electricity moving from the transformer to the motors of your appliances. It also protects your house against power surges. This reduces the amount of heat lost through the wires and motors in your home thus lowering the electricity bill.  This is one trusted technology used to save energy.

Make an action NOW! Use one of the effective ways of reducing power consumption.

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Many homeowners and companies worldwide have realized the savings from installing this type of equipment on their properties.  Savings have been reported from 6% to 36%.  Every home/business is different depending on how efficient the motors and wiring on your property is, how efficient your power grid in the region you are located is, and how often you use the motors in your home.

With the product have a lifetime of 25 years and a 20 year warranty, your savings will continue to add up!

Join our family of satisfied Electric Saver 1200 users today.  Stop wasting your energy and giving extra money to your utility company for nothing! Start spending your hard earned dollars on YOU!  You deserve it.

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Why is Energy Efficiency Important

A lot of the rhetoric out there dealing with green energy seems a little alarming in nature, so much so that not everyone buys into it. However, the tone is so dire because the potential consequences are so severe. It’s important that you realize the effect greenhouse gases and pollutants have on the planet if we actually want the planet to be around for future generations. Read on to find out the reason why energy efficiency is important.

There are a lot of different ways to go green in the home. For starters, you can do something simple like changing out your light bulbs or just ensuring that you turn off the lights when you leave a room. You can also try to install some energy efficient appliances and unplugging appliances when not in use.  Don’t have the money to purchase energy efficient appliances?  Don’t worry!  The Electric Saver 1200 can help you make your appliances more energy efficient without the added cost of upgrading.  At just under $100 bucks, these little gadgets pack a punch on your power bill!

Going green in your business is a different story entirely. For example, if you have an office building or a small store or something similar, it’s going to cost a lot more money to equip this business with green energy methods. So, your best bet is to prepare your business with the proper lights, insulation, appliances, and energy saving equipment, before attempting to convert to solar or wind generated power.

It’s hard to convince people that one vote makes a difference or that one letter to a congressperson will have an impact, but it actually does. If you’re persistent and can speak intelligently to the issue, you can have an impact in green legislation. You could also run for office yourself to have a much larger impact.

There are many countries out there you could speak of in terms of a green transition, but it’s much harder to find one you could qualify as a success. That’s because most economies thrive off of oil, so getting rid of that throws a monkey wrench into the framework. However, Spain is a great example of a thriving green country.

Out of every type of green energy available, solar is considered to be the greenest. This is because of the cells used to collect and convert the UV rays into direct current. These cells can draw UV rays even when the sun isn’t shining, unlike wind which has to be blowing to move a turbine. Geothermal is also a very green energy, but it’s tough to tap in a lot of areas.

The longer we live on this planet and consume its resources, the fewer resources we’re going to have. Of course, this means that we’re eventually going to run out of fossil fuels and coal. So, like it or not, those energy-producing methods will be obsolete in the future.

If you were to compile a list of the pros and cons of green energy, the biggest item in the con section is going to be the price of solar panels and wind turbines. So despite the fact that some of these methods aren’t yet as efficient as burning coal, the biggest drawback is simply the price.


A much better cost effective solution to reducing energy consumption is power factor correction equipment.  A power company actually did a study and proved this type of equipment is WAY better than solar’s cost for properties with inductive loads like Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, Heavy Machinery, Escalators, Elevators, etc.

We have a great opportunity here to help heal our planet for future generations. Start by helping yourself, then spread the word with your family & friends.  Start making your home energy efficient today!

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Why is Energy Efficiency Important and Ways to save energy

Energy efficiency is reducing the amount of energy needed to accomplish the same task. It’s the most inexpensive way of making energy available as opposed to building power plants which is an expensive and time consuming.

Energy efficiency reduces the amount of energy required to run your home or business and thus reduces the cost, allowing you to save money that you could use to improve your life.

Energy efficiency in a country leads to an improved economy as the resources that would have been used to produce energy is directed to other projects like building of more schools, improving infrastructure among other development projects.

For efficient use of power in your home consider using The Electric Saver 1200. It saves electricity by recycling watts/ energy that could have otherwise been lost by releasing it back to the motor to be used when need arises. The gadget is also great for preventing power surges by lowering the demand from the power supplying organizations. Saving power that could otherwise had been lost saves a lot of money.

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Why is Energy Efficiency Important

Energy efficiency is important not only in homes but the whole planet.

  1. Energy efficiency makes it possible to use energy produced by non-renewable fossils for a longer time. Since energy is used efficiently, the need to produce more energy is reduced.
  2. A country that doesn’t consume oil is saved the need to import. Oil is the major producer of most of the energy used. If a country uses its energy efficiently, it will be self sufficient and use the locally available resources to produce power.
  3. Energy when used in large amounts leads to global warming. The atmosphere is filled with unused energy which causes imbalances that affects the atmosphere layers.
  4. A country that encourages proper usage of energy is able to promote its economic growth as more resources are directed towards developing the country instead of looking for ways to produce energy.

Ways to save energy


Avoid leaving bulbs on.

-Ensure all the bulbs that aren’t being used are switched off. Switching off bulbs is one important way of saving energy. If you or any other person forgets to switch off. Put stickers near the light to remind everyone to switch the lights off.
Ensure all the gadgets that use power are turned off when they are not being used.

Switch off the TV, computers, radios and any other equipment that you aren’t using. These gadgets use small amounts of power when the socket is switched on

During the cold season, open the curtains and blinds to allow the sun in.

This is a natural and cheap way of heating your home.

Consider using fluorescent bulbs that use less power to save energy at home.

Using these bulbs will reduce the cost of running your home.

Turn down the thermostat at night or when at work to save energy.

Take advantage of natural resources

Most energy is lost through heating and cooling, natural ways like opening the windows and doors will help regulate a room’s temperature. Instead of using gadgets that consume power take advantage of natural resources to regulate your home’s temperature

Energy efficiency will not only reduce cost but will increase a country’s economic growth for a better future.  You can improve your live, your future, your country, and your planet right now! Stop wasting your hard earned dollars and earth’s precious resources.  Invest in you NOW!

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Saving energy with a system: How To Tips

Saving energy with a system: How To Tips

Save Energy Systems are all over the place due to rising energy bills and for good reason.  Green energy is becoming increasingly popular as people realize the negative effects of oil dependence. You can incorporate green energy into your life, save money and benefit your environment. This article contains several tips to help you along the way. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of your green energy plans.

The first step you need to take is to check the rules and regulations where you live. Make certain that you comply with all federal, state and local laws when you install your green energy systems.  You may also check with your power company for information. Any excess power generated on your property can be sold to your utility provider. Find out how your provider deals with this service. Done properly, your leftover power may become a steady source of income.

Armed with that information, you can install one or more solar panels on the roof of your home. Even on cloudy days, solar panels provide a steady stream of energy into your home.



Depending on your property, wind or water generators may prove equally beneficial. Ideally, a combination of the three sources would ensure power no matter what.




All three of those sources take a significant financial investment. If you do not have those funds, or perhaps do not own your own property, there are still several innovate ways to use green energy.



Start by switching to low-wattage environmentally friendly light bulbs. Switch your appliances to those with a good energy rating. These simple changes will reduce your energy consumption and lower your carbon footprint.


Light your garden and sidewalks with solar powered garden lamps. There are several styles and sizes available to complement any yard. The lamps charge individually, so you do not need an electrician to help with installation. Consider purchasing a solar powered water fountain to increase the tranquility of your yard.
If you use small electronic devices, think about purchasing solar chargers for them. Not only will you reduce your dependence on an electric power supply, you gain the ability to charge your cell phone, even when away from home.
There are also solar powered fans available for use in your home and vehicle. These can be great on warm summer days, while camping or even just stuck in traffic. Look for a portable device so you can take it with you everywhere you go.

You may also consider using solar powered cooking devices. There are several on the market that can be used at home or while camping. By using the power of the sun to cook your meals, you will save energy and enhance your culinary skills.


Another product to save energy on homes or business is the Electric Saver 1200.  Just install this device on your electric panel or large motor and improve the efficiency of your appliances on your property.  By capturing wasted watts and recycling them back into your property’s electrical system, this innovative technology is sure to save you money!.

Incorporating green energy into your life can happen on multiple levels. Whether you own your own home or not, you can use much of this information to reduce your dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Make positive choices for yourself, your family and the environment by learning how to make environmentally sound purchases. Enjoy the benefits of having green energy sources in your life!

Save Energy Now

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