Winter Energy Savings

Winter is here again and it’s time to prepare your home for the cold weather. With the extra costs for heating, winter electric bills can be a nightmare. But, with a few simple upgrades and preparations you can prevent expensive bills and make it through the winter without a huge dent in your wallet.

Heating Tips

Winter means different things in different places. For example, here in Miami, Florida winter is a time to open the windows and enjoy the cool air from outside! In most places, though, that’s not feasible. If you live in a snowy region where it’s likely to be very cold throughout the entire season, you should keep your heating system running throughout the day on the lowest possible setting you can tolerate, and turn it up when you’re home in the evening. Setting your thermostat in the high 60s to mid 70s can still feel comfortable while not breaking the bank on heating costs.

If you also have a fireplace in your home, it’s likely more for fashion than for function. While it seems like a fireplace would keep your home warm without needing to turn on the heater, in most cases that isn’t so. Use the fireplace when you want to add some extra coziness to the atmosphere but not solely for the purpose of heating your home. Also, make sure that you close the damper completely when the fireplace isn’t in use to prevent cold air seeping in through the chimney, or warm air from getting out!


Insulation is key to preventing wasted electric costs on heating your home. WhyOutletCover pay money warm up your home, only to have the warm air leak out through inefficient windows and cracks in your home? Make sure that any rickety windows, gaps between baseboards and floors or spaces around the attic door are properly sealed up.

Another simple tip you can use to improve insulation and prevent cold air from getting in to your home is to install a small piece of foam behind the plates on your power outlets. The foam seals up the crack in the wall and keeps cold air from getting inside.

Of course, sealing up your windows is an old standby that can save you quite a lot! And, if you haven’t done one, it would be wise to perform (or have performed) an energy audit on your home to get an idea of things that should be repaired or fixed to provide extra energy savings.

Check out the infographic below for more energy saving tips and don’t forget to look at all of our energy-saving products here at!


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Farming Wind in South Dakota

A 7,000+ acre family farm and hunting lodge in South Dakota is now home to a wind farm that is expected to power approximately 5,000 homes.

The Oak Tree Lodge is owned by Bill Makens, whose family has been dedicated to South Dakota’s natural resources for generations. The wind turbines will generate roughly 71,000 MWh of power per year.

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Climate change: What we know vs. what we don’t

There has never been a debate over whether or not the climate is changing. After all, we’ve been coming out of an ice age for thousands of years. We know glaciers used to cover parts of the northern U.S. and all of Canada – it’s obvious the climate is warming. No, the debate isn’t about climate change; it’s about man-made climate change, and what the implications of that could mean for us and our future.

The facts are available for those who want them. Climate scientists have measured the increase in atmospheric CO2 levels and the increase in planet temperature, and we know that these things have happened more quickly since the industrial revolution. The signs point to us humans as a potential factor. What we don’t know is how this dramatic increase will affect us and our planet – that’s all an educated guess.

Some people pushing for climate change initiatives are painting a horror story that may never come to pass, and there are climate change deniers spreading the idea that there’s nothing we can do about the warming and/or that these changes won’t have any detrimental effects.

We all need to start admitting that we don’t know as much as we think we do, take the facts for what they are, and act appropriately.

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Everything you need to know about surge protection

Most of us have experienced the unwanted effects of a transient voltage event – that is, a surge in electricity – perhaps even losing expensive equipment. Both in your home and place of business, surge protection is important.

There are two kinds of surges, or transient events, including impulse transients and oscillatory transients. Both can affect equipment in a negative way.

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SolarPuff lanterns offer a unique and innovative lighting solution

SolarPuff lanterns are small emergency lights powered by small-scale solar panels. Developed by designer and professor Alice Min Soo Chun, the lamps were created to help people in need after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

The lanterns weigh only ounces and fold flat for easy storage. The tiny solar panel powers a ring of LEDs, and on a four hour charge the light lasts eight to ten hours.

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