Solar demand is skyrocketing!

The demand for solar power continues to rise steadily. Over 2014, solar power demand grew 16 percent, about 44 gigawatts (GW) worldwide. That’s up from 39GW last year, and 31GW in 2012.

Next year demand is projected to be close to 51GW, with the United States, Japan, and China using about 57 percent.

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Oil, energy, and economic growth

Crude oil prices are falling, and that’s causing the financial markets to panic. Fear not! There’s actually more money in your pocket, and the economy is growing.

According to an Energy Information Administration forecast, consumers are expected to spend $550 less on gasoline in 2015. That’s going back to 2009 levels! A decrease in the price of diesel fuel means savings on things like groceries and anything else delivered by trucks to your local stores.

While green energy technology continues to improve and expand, domestic oil production is rising as well. Could we finally be turning things in a direction that benefits everyone? What was once a pipe dream is looking more like a possibility.

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Boeing is going green

Recently Boeing announced plans to use only renewable energy at their 737 factory in Renton, Washington. The facility already uses hydro and wind power for about half its energy needs, with the other half coming from natural gas and coal.

By investing in renewable energy credits, Boeing hopes to replace all fossil-fuel power at the Washington plant with green energy.

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Big upgrades for Big Stone City power plant – see how it’s done!

Business is booming in the Midwest with the refurbishment and maintenance of aging power facilities. Updates in technology to reduce emissions are keeping electricians busy.

Members of the IBEW were called upon to get the work done quickly and correctly at the Big Stone City plant in South Dakota.

The goal is to reduce emissions with air quality control by installing upgrades, including selective catalytic reduction technology, activated carbon injections to reduce mercury emissions, and a reduction in sulfur and particulate emissions.

IBEW members work on Big Stone City Air Quality project

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Laughing at Energy Policy

I like laughing at things that also make me think, so I’m a fan of political cartoons. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, there’s always going to be a comedic drawing making fun of the other (or poking fun at the state of things in general).

This set of comics about energy issues will have you chuckling and thinking. From climate deniers to Obama’s energy policies, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t get offended if you come across one that doesn’t jive with your personal beliefs – laughing at yourself is a great skill to have! Keep it all in perspective and remember we’re all in this together, even if some of us are total idiots.

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